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emotional intelligence ppt slideshare

areas of EI are Self-awareness Self management Social awareness Relationship managementThe 5 Components of EIEmotional Self-Awareness Managing one s own emotions Using emotions to maximize intellectual processing and decision-making Developing empathy The art of social relationships (managing emotions in others)Goleman s Categories Self-Awareness. Useful Books to Develop Soft Skills Soft Skills Training For Everybody PPT Developing Effective Communication Skills PPT Nonverbal Communication PPT Body Language Beginner's Guide PPT Organizational Communication PPT Public Speaking Basics PPT Public Speaking Guide For Everybody PPT Emotional. They go through responding to life more easily than people who easily loose control of their emotions and get upset or feel angry. It is associated with the capacity to be relaxed and composed and to calmly face difficulties without getting carried away by strong emotions. Understanding your own emotions ensure your feelings don't rule you. Discover and learn more inside the Emotional Intelligence for Everybody PPT. 22 The Inter-The Inter- PersonalPersonal RealmRealm. 37 Stress ToleranceStress Tolerance The ability to withstand adverse events and stressful situations without falling apart by actively and positively coping with stress. 30 The Adaptability RealmThe Adaptability Realm involves your ability to be flexible and realistic, and to solve a range of problems as they arise. 5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ Intelligence (IQ Personality. 18 Self RegardSelf Regard The ability to appreciate your perceived positive aspects and possibilities as well as to accept your negative aspects and limitations and still feel good about yourself. 2 Have you ever thought of why people of average intelligence outperform people with the highest levels of intelligence majority of the time? Well i am talking from my expreience in the army where managing emotions is of paramount importance to be a good leader. The Element of Social Skills. 12 The Intrapersonal RealmThe Intrapersonal Realm concerns your ability to know and manage yourself. 47 Skills to Develop EQ Activity: Treasure Hunt. Emotional Intelligence Recognise your emotions as they happen Manage emotions so they re appropriate Motivate yourself Recognise others emotions empathically Handle relationships constructivelyGoleman.

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Download, report, transcript, emotional IntelligenceEmotional IntelligenceThe ability to perceive, access, generate and reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth. Workshop PowerPoint Template that maybe can be the best background for your PowerPoint presentation. If you've had an unparalleled academic or career or monetary success but no one to enjoy it with then you know card blanks direct you have experienced the answers in a bitter way to the above questions. Independent people are self-reliant in planning and making important decisions. 39 Impulse ControlImpulse Control The ability to resist or delay an impulse, drive or temptation to act. Empathy - Activity: Get the Memo! Just few thoughts, shall we say emotions should not be bracketed as positive or negative, for example you have said sadness is negative, but it is natural and importat to feel sad over the lose of near and. 38 Stress ToleranceStress Tolerance Stress tolerance includes having a repertoire of suitable responses to stressful situations.
emotional intelligence ppt slideshare
26 Social ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility The ability to demonstrate that you are a cooperative, contributing and constructive member of your social group. 48 5 Skills to Develop EQ EQ Skill 1: Rapidly reduce stress EQ Skill 2: Emotional Awareness EQ Skill 3: Nonverbal Communication EQ Skill 4: Use humor and play to deal with challenges EQ Skill 5: Resolve Conflict positively. Being aware of your strengths and weakness allows you to choose and perform better. PPT Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint presentation free to view - id: 192fdc-MGQyZ. 11 The IntrapersonalThe Intrapersonal RealmRealm. This free PowerPoint template is perfect for business and educational presentations about EI, trait model, behaviour, ability model, mixed model, researches, success, etc. This component of emotional intelligence applies to your overall ability to adapt to unfamiliar, unpredictable and dynamic circumstances. Do we know them? 35 The Stress ManagementThe Stress Management RealmRealm concerns your ability to tolerate stress and control impulses. Debate and dispute it at the time, if you can.
Click to allow Flash, loading. The ability to reach out and build networks with different people and get them to accomplish things under the same team. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your own emotions, understand what they are telling you, and realize how your own emotions affect the people around you. Emotionally intelligent people make others feel good. How to Enhance your Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional, intelligence, emotional, intelligence, the ability to perceive, access, generate and reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth. Pptclub is a knowledge sharing, training, development, self-study, research and education Blog. Discover and Download Knowledge based. International Business: International Business Manual International Business. Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

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Right Brain associated with Emotional"ent. In which of these areas would you most like to improve the quality emotional intelligence ppt slideshare of your time? Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence. 46 Can EQ be increased? Emotionally Intelligent People - What are they like?

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