What is your weakness interview question for customer service

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what is your weakness interview question for customer service

when I wasnt. Another option is to turn a negative into a positive. Example strength 6: Persistence Im thorough and tenacious. Example weakness 4: Lacking experience, im not familiar with the latest version of insert name of non-critical software. Regardless of what weakness you choose, what really matters is how you present. Heres an example of a response that addresses the question honestly with a positive, forward-thinking tone: One weakness I have is public speaking. Explain the steps youre already taking to make those improvements. Discuss Non-Essential Skills, one approach to answering this question is to analyze the key skills and strengths required for the position you are interviewing for, and then come up with an honest shortcoming that is not essential for success in that job. Let TopCV help you strengthen it with a free CV critique. To be honest, as a student, I didnt understand how it would be applicable in my adult life. In my career in customer support, Ive had how do i edit an org chart in powerpoint many interactions like thisthey are complex but end with the customer still feeling positive. As with the weaknesses examples, youll need to adjust your strength choices and responses according to your experience and skills. As with weaknesses, you can generally choose between skills/habits and personality traits. At first, I wasnt sure where to begin, but I found some free online courses that refreshed the important basics for. Tell me about a difficult career situation and how you overcame. Example strength 5: Technical skills (Writing) I have extremely strong writing skills.
No one is perfect, and the interviewer wants to see if youre able to give a forthright and insightful assessment of your weaker points. Not only has this helped my own what are the best fields to major in self-esteem, but it has also helped me genuinely appreciate and recognize my team and other support systems. This course also helped me build upon the skills I use to sell my vision for the product internally.

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International day against human trafficking Remember what is your weakness interview question for customer service that your interviewers role is to select the strongest candidate. In my recent position, I implemented a project management tool that allowed me to easily oversee the progress of all the tasks I assigned, which helped me feel much more comfortable delegating work." "Numbers have not always been my strong suit. In your interview and in your work, too much emphasis on deficits can interfere with your ability to perform at your best. Re-read the job description for clues on what may matter most for this specific role.
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