How to find an intern for your business

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how to find an intern for your business

allowing them to ask any questions they might have. Your schools job listing site and alumni network: At my alma mater, Brown University, theres something called Brown Connect, where alumni post internship listings. Youre looking for help and theyre looking for good, focused experience. I like that you can filter for paid internships (I believe that by law, almost all internships should be paid, but thats another story though when I filtered for paid marketing internship, only one job came up, at Inc. Intern, an internship is a two-way street that is, its mutually beneficial for your business and the intern. Hiring managers: We are running a 99 special on internship posts. Wrapping Up How to Find the Perfect Intern for Your Business Bringing on a great intern can really help you run and manage your business more effectively. Want to know the fastest way to make your intern despise you? But there were some promising listings, like a paid internship at DirecTV. Start your search now and let m help you find exactly the internships youre looking for. I put in paid marketing internship New York City and got hits for several of the sites in this piece and others Im not familiar with, like. Some of the jobs are listed as internships, but they seem indistinguishable from the other jobs on the site.


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  1. I searched for marketing internship and a New York City zip code came up with ten pages of listings. Use"s if you want to see results for that exact phrase.
  2. Use broad keywords like intern or search by a whole state without a keyword to see the largest number of listings for jobs Take the Internship Predictor and get tons of ideas for keywords to use in your intern jobs search. Use your schools resources. Many high schools, colleges, and universities will have career centers where you can search for an internship.
  3. And you can do a lot for their budding career. They should understand that an internship should be seen as an audition, a stepping stone to a permanent positionand that editors will notice any missteps. But the training process can also show you if the intern is a good fit, and it will show them if theyre going to like what theyre doing. Says Rose, Shes a terrific writer, very ambitious, independent and able to do things first birthday candle boy without a ton of babysitting. They walked us through making sure the internship is mutually beneficial, communicating with your interns and smoothing over problems when they inevitably arise.
  4. Intern, resumes, use the, manage Applicants part of your account to classify each application, sort, and search through applicants quickly and easier. But now that you have interns, you know thats not quite how it works. In the past, my interns have conducted research and written copy for our 11 facts pages, Kassoy says. Prior to the first day, send your interns an email explaining what time they should arrive and where they should meet you. The relationships you establish now will make the rest of the semester go smoothly.
how to find an intern for your business

How to find an intern for your business - Free 2019 iCal

Kassoy says, I end with a question: What can I do to help you improve?' Oh, and one final tip for being the best intern manager ever? Using search options, such as selecting a keyword, major, a specific location, and even invite friends to page a particular company, means you can narrow down the possibilities quickly. No matter what your specific requirements for your internship, you're certain to find opportunities for jobs that suit you. The most obvious is that it gets them ready for their position. Alexis DePuyt, 21, an English major at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, was spending the spring semester of her junior year studying in London, when she started hunting for a summer internship back in the States.

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